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Galle Fort Walking Tour

Galle Fort

Galle Fort is everybody’s go-to destination when they are in Galle. The ramparts beaches , myriad of vibrant businesses and cultures that live in peace makes it the perfect living heritage.

In this guided walking tour of the Galle Fort, we will be unveiling you a proud history and culture that is connected to the place. Sometimes we will be walking through the historical remnants and at other times you can sit on the ramparts gazing at the eternal Indian Ocean.

Walking through lanes of Galle Fort , you would learn how and why the Fort came to existence, its earliest inhabitants , the etymology of certain place names and the architectural genius that holds the fort. Pit stops would be made at the famous Marine Museums , The Mansion Museum The Old Breadfruit Tree , The Bastions , The Light House and any where that kindles your curiosity. Meanwhile, the cliff jumpers will take your breath away for seconds as they dive off a veritable cliff for living.

Giving your tired legs a break , we sit down at the Rampart for a small picnic meal. Your Donga would serve a variety of sizzling hot street food from the Fort vendors. The real surprise would be the delicious gelatos from the legendary Love Gelato Unawatuna ; where tropical fruits meets an Italian twist.

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Galle Fort Walking Tour
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