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Kanneliya Rainforest Trek


Kanneliya is one of our first ever sustainable tourism ventures where we partnered with local guides from the rainforest area. This includes female guides as well.

In this easy trail we will be trekking through Kanneliya rainforest to reach Anagimala Ella , a magnificent waterfall which is also home to a variety of endemic aquatic species. The trail is soothing relaxing and rejuvenating because we expose our bodies to probably the freshest air and water in the island. The orchestra of the birds and crickets coupled with frolicking streams would quickly bring a sense of calm to the tired souls.

Back in our local guide’s home , we sit down for a warm lunch prepared by his or her family using an endless list of ingredients such as ferns , yams , greens and , freshwater prawns. If you have a sweet tooth , there is a wide range of products made from the Kitul Tree , a member of the palm family that could be commonly seen in the rainforest areas. Kitul treacle and Jaggery tasting could be a memorable experience that you could only experience in Sri Lanka.

On the way home , we drive through a green mosaic of tea and rubber plantations with pitstops here and there to have a peek into the lives of the locals. After all, life on this island is a paradox ; a beautiful paradox that is poetic.


Day 1 :

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Kanneliya Rainforest Trek
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