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Koggala Lake and Stilt Fishing


The coast is the lifeline of the Southern Province. In this tour , we take you on a life changing journey to prove that life in this island nation is not as easy as it seems to be.

The luxurious and gourmet commodities from Ceylon have great untold stories behind them. We begin with the fishermen of the coast who are engaged in ceaseless battles to make a living. From fresh fish to salted dry fish , Southern fishing mirrors the authentic life of fishermen in Sri Lanka. You will witness different arts of fishing such as catamaran fishing, trawler fishing ,line fishing and even the celebrated stilt fishing.

Passing a myriad of stalls on the roadside we drive down to Handunugoda Tea Museum and Plantation in Ahangama for a guided tour in a low country tea plantation. Here, you could experience the conventions of processing tea leaves and receive opportunity to taste over 35 varieties of hand crafted teas in the Tea Museum. Some quality tea and cakes are also included in the tour.

The koggala lake is our next stop where we board Sam’s boat to explore the Koggala lake that is home to many varities of birds mammals and reptiles including elusive crocodile. Koggala reflects a fine blend of sea and land that has been converted to livelihoods. In the Cinnamon Island , we find Sam’ s father who is preparing cinnamon for sale, from tree to bark. A cup of cinnamon tea awaits you.


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Koggala Lake and Stilt Fishing
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