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Pottery Experience


Weligama is a busy coastal city. It is well known for its beaches , seafood and marine ecology. However , in this walking tour , we unveil an unseen aspect of this coastal gem ; culture.

Pottery has been one of the two life lines in Weligama. The roadside stalls full of earthenware would bear testimony for this. In this adventure , you get the chance to turn the Potter’s wheel under the guidance Mr. Gunadasa , the legendary potter of Weligama. Inside the potter’s hut you will witness the laborious process of mixing, molding, drying and painting ; pretty much the full process of making an earthenware vessel. Get ready to make your own coffee cup or breakfast bowl!

En route to our next destination , we meet the determined fishermen of Kapparatota who take a life risk to bring seafood to the table. You will also get the chance to have a quick walk in the fish market where different varieties of edible fish are sorted cleaned and sold. This is another opportunity to realize that Sri Lankans work hard for their bread and butter. The float ebbing to and fro in the bay is quite a scene and is considered as a very insta-worthy click.

Kushtarajagala or the “healing statue” would be the next stop where we would stand beside a massive rock carving of 16 feet that belongs to the 6th century AD. Why not wish good health to your loved ones here!

The tour ends with a drink of King Coconut or a boiled corn maize sold by the roadside vendors.


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Pottery Experience
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