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Sinharaja Rainforest Trek


Sinharaja is Sri Lanka’s largest rainforest. It is a UNESCO protected bio-diversity site which is rich in virgin water springs waterfalls and endemic wildlife.

This trek is a specialised waterfall trek through Sinharaja ; Sri Lanka’s largest rainforest complex which spreads over three districts . Though there are many trails to explore Sinharaja. Pitadeniya is the least frequented yet the most rich in pure swimmable water ways. Buddhika, the local trek guide who is a veteran naturalist will usher you through the rainforest keeping an eagle’s eye for endemic birds, plants and insects.

You will meet refreshing virgin water springs and a few mini waterfalls where you can have a swim safely! A free doctor fish massage is guaranteed in these icy cold pools. According to the villagers, the water of these pools are medicinal due to their contact with the roots of medicinal plants. Back on the trail , Buddhika might surprise you with a green pit viper or a giant Tarantula because they seem to find him wherever he goes.

Lunch would be full of local delicacies like forest mushroom , jak fruit , cassava , ferns and fresh fruits prepared by Buddhika’s family. If you are lucky , toddy , the Sri Lankan booze would be on the table. This hospitality is too good to be missed.


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Sinharaja Rainforest Trek
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